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Internal Shot Blasting Machine,

Our shot-blasting machine cleans all the internal surfaces of the diving cylinder.;  it removes rust, general contamination and corrosion build-up.  It does not however, remove base material.  The action introduces the cleaning media (steel grit for steel cylinders, glass beads for aluminium cylinders) under pressure.  It is boosted by a higher additional air pressure via a mixing valve and a venturi action ensures optimum results.
Used grit is blown back into a dust bag, and excess air flows through an air filter.   After, the grit is then returned to the lower grit chamber by gravity.  There is a system for dust removal.  For the operating sequence the cylinder is lowered over the nozzle and sealed against a neoprene rubber pad, an overhead clamp secures the cylinder in place.
The motor rotates the nozzle, and an air-operated cylinder raises the motor/nozzle carriage.  The speed of the carriage can be varied by a needle valve to suit corrosion conditions of the cylinder.  A conveniently situated manifold, which controls all the operations, ensures that one person easily controls the sequence.
A typical cycle time of load to unload is no more than 2-3 mins. (An equivalent rumbling or tumbling cycle would be 6-8 hours, for inferior result).
A low pressure air supply of approx. 100 p.s.i. is required to the grit chamber, this starts the grit flowing.  A pressure relief valve reduces this pressure to the operating valve.
A higher pressure is required for the actual grit cleaning booster operation.  This is ideally supplied from a bank of air up to 4000 p.s.i.   A pressure-reducing valve reduces the pressure to a suitable value for cleaning conditions.  (Recommended start pressure 400 p.s.i.)  A typical flow rate of 13ft3/min.
Advantages over rumbling or tumbling: infinitely quicker.  Rumbling rolls pit edge over, obscuring defect.  Shot blasting cleans deep into the pit, precisely showing defect. Cleaner, it uses a dry shot therefore no mess.  Uniform or variable cleaning, also shot can dwell on individual areas.
Blast power may be adjusted, by air pressure and speed of operation.
No washing or drying of grit.
Machine is compact; base is approx. 15" x 15" and height to cylinder top clamp is 80"
Weight excluding shot is 72Kgs
Finished in Hammer Blue (or to suit your specifications)
Certain types of machines are designed to use a pressure of 100 p.s.i.
The above information is based on the Scuba size of HP cylinder.  The larger machines can be made for the larger HP cylinders.