02 Cleaning Machine

Our 02 cleaning machine is dedicated to cleaning diving cylinders, which use enhanced oxygen mixtures. The operation sprays the degreasing fluid into the cylinder, using a pressure pump, to clean 100 % of the internal surface of the cylinder. The machine consists of a holding tank, with an immersion water heater installed, it also houses the submersible pressure pump. The other part of the machine is the holding frame for the cylinder, the spray lance, a return fluid container, a filter system.

The spray lance has a series of holes along it's length, & also at the end. The unit can be adjusted for different cylinder lengths, it can also be raised & lowered, & rotated, in operation, if required. The immersion heater can be adjusted to different temperatures, but should not be too high. We can supply the cleaning machine with either one or two stations. If you require the cylinder to be flushed out with fresh water after the degreasing cycle, the second station can do this. Both stations have a pump & water immersion heater. Photo shows a double unit.
The unit is made from fabricated rolled & welded steel, & finished in a powder coated blue paint.
[ If required colour can be to your choice. ]