YL Rechargeable Diving Light

This light has both High Power and Long Duration.

Favoured by Wreck Divers and Underwater Search and Rescue Teams both here and abroad, the YL gives over Three Hours burn time after a full charge!

Using NiCd cells, recharging is from the rear of the lamp. As with the SL, just unscrew the sealed cap and plug in either the mains charger or 12-volt lead and charge for 14 hours. Longer times will not damage the cells.

A large on/off switch is positioned at the rear, incorporating a positive spring lock

The bulb is Tungsten Halogen, giving a spot beam with a degree of side scatter.This is useful for illuminating a large area, especially in a cave or wreck! It is not over-volted, and life expectancy of 100 hours + can be expected.

Materials are low-maintenance ABS plastics and nylon. The lens is clear Perspex.

The pistol grip is extremely robust and ergonomically right for ease of grip underwater.

A good Spares service and backup is assured.

Depth Tested in excess of 90 Metres.

Produced in yellow livery with black trim.

Dimensions 102mm diameter x 160mm x 200mm deep. Weight 1.2Kg.


Price 109.00 (incl VAT )
includes Mains Charger and 12V charging lead.)
Spare Bulb 11.02 plus VAT (12.95)