Who Are We?

Birchley Products have many Year’s experience in producing goods for the underwater diving market. We have two main branchs.

1. Photographic housings for Video Camcorders, Digital Still Cameras and other Cameras. We use a standard range of tube, with which we build custom housings for the camera.
Additionally we have video lamps, a single and a triple 50W unit. Also hand lamps for general viewing.

2. Test equipment, we produce Hydro-static test equipment for the testing of diving cylinders. Also any other high pressure cylinder that require periodic testing. Including in this range is internal shot blasting machine, Drying machine, pnuematic hoists, O2 cleaning machine, internal inspection equipment, Pit measuring probe, Thread gauges and any special equipment i.e. handling equipment etc.

We offer our range of propucts to customers all over the world and are always looking for agents etc.